Smokestack Lightnin’ – Bass Line

Smokestack Lightning is like Thank You for Letting Me Be Myself‘s guitar chord strum, guitar riff, and bass line in that the parts interlock to make an infectious groove.



Learn the guitar riff in Smokestack Lightning.

Learn the bass line below to gain a better understanding of the guitar riff.

Now, listen to what the drums do asĀ  Howling Wolf sings the song.


Play along with my guitar arrangement of the groove.

I did in Sibelius.






About Bill Parsons

Composer: Music composition and arranging for film, television, artistic collaborations, and studio recordings. Teacher: Private and ensemble music classes at Royal Conservatory and Home Studio. Musical coaching and/or collaborations in songwriting, arranging, and composing. Also improvisation, theory, and musicianship.
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