6SM & ML hit the road

Guitar lessons site and (bits & bites of an artistic life blog) will be setting up new digs in a new website being built to organize my work.

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Getting out of the house to support a band or festival can be difficult. Especially after a long day of music making. And trying to keep track of all the events happening in the summer can be overwhelming.

world music

I just received an email from Alan Davis of Small World promoting upcoming concerts:

Go here.

AFROFEST  5, 6 July




BATUKI 18-20 July



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Brian Ferneyhough

String Quartet

Of all the conventional chamber ensembles types (say, from the piano duo to double wind quintet) the string quartet, that is, 2 violins, viola, and cello, inhabits a unique position among composers; to some it is the summit from which to gauge a composer’s worth. To imagine a string quartet challenges the composer to consider the canon which exists, from the plethora of masterworks (Haydn wrote sixty-eight, Mozart twenty-six) including the daunting late quartets of Beethoven, the three of Brahms, and Bartok’s half-dozen, to the murky waters of quartets over the last three-quarters of a century, since Bartok’s sixth quartet in 1939.

And in this corner, Brian Ferneyhough

A notorious composer who maintains a position high on the mountain of potentially “great” contemporary composers using a muscular complexity beyond the early twenty-first century norm (just a cursory glance at his quartet score challenges you to question it’s very being, let alone how it sounds).

Climbing a Mountain

Within the Arditti quartet video Ferneyhough discusses his motives and reveals his passion for the expressive language he chooses. In listening to his sixth quartet Charles Ives filters through like a wish for his ghost to grace the dynamic, rhythmic, and textural extremities, to express the credence of that period’s vision.

“the birth of tragedy from the spirit of music”


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Additive Process in Philip Glass

Generating Musical Material

In this version you see the structure of additive process in double time.


Now at a playable tempo


One of my favorite pieces for solo piano, sounds pretty good on guitar.

Original Version

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Philip Glass, mallet string quartet 5


Four strings and restaurant, movements 1-3

Strings movement 4

Movement 5

Now with wood and yarn.


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Essence of Melancholy

Wiens Komarek

Long time collaborators Rainer Wiens (music) and Jan Komarek (video) created an audio-visual poem called Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors.

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Who You Are

History repeats

“One should look at where we came from, that’s how you understand who you are,” Hugh McPhail, son of aerial photographer, “Howdy” McPhail.

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New Perspective

A Great Idea

Bullying has become a major concern for many young people who have become trapped in a seemingly impossible situation to change. This story offers a shift in perspective, and brings a bullied student out of the darkness of obscurity and into the limelight of popularity with intelligence and courage.



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Bike Advancements

New technology that takes biking into the digital age.

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Evergreen Club’s Musical Mind

Artistic Director, Blair Mackay

describes our approach to making music with Sundanese gamelan.

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