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Music composition and arranging for film, television, artistic collaborations, and studio recordings.


Private and ensemble music classes at Royal Conservatory and Home Studio. Musical coaching and/or collaborations in songwriting, arranging, and composing. Also improvisation, theory, and musicianship.



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I moved to Montreal during the October Crisis

in 1970, when the separatist resistance was at its peak and Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau had brought in the military. I had just turned thirteen and considered myself a serious hockey player. Coming from the prairies there was not much else a boy could do in the winter, plus the rink was only a stone’s throw from my house, so it was easy to practice a lot. In Montreal hockey was more competitive and the tension between the English and French kids added spice to the game. But after getting my front teeth smashed and my wrist broken by a couple of dirty bastards I called it quits and needed something to occupy my free time.

Everyone back then had a guitar so I joined the ranks and got a twenty-five dollar steel string. I strummed along with Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin and Eagles mostly. When my older brother, Greg, introduced me to the Mahavishnu Orchestra everything changed, especially after experiencing their concert in


but that’s giving the plot of my book away.

Yes, I’m writing a book.

I’m well into the fourth draft of my first novel, P minor blue. I write when I can, between other projects. Here’s the plot.

Beginning of Christmas holidays 1972, Pointe Claire, Quebec. 15-year-old P and his friend Mithy steal a car during a snowstorm and crash. P’s head smashes into the windshield and he loses consciousness. He awakens in the house he grew up in and witnesses his conception. P struggles to uncover the mystery of where he is and why he is there as key moments in his life appear. P follows the memories back into consciousness where he is determined to change the course of his troubled life using his guitar as a divining rod.

Fall 2012

My main focus right now is 6 STRING MOSAIC. I am preparing to shoot my 2nd DVD with Vish. But only after we shoot a documentary film about Dr. Harry Anderson, a psychoanalyst who wrote a incredible new book called, From an Art to a Science of Psychoanalysis: The Metapsychological Formulation Method.

And I have to finishing mixing a new CD from Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan.

I recently did a performance in Montreal at the gallery opening of a show that featured the work my good friend and collaborator, Chuck Samuels. We’ve produced a dozen videos together called MOVIE/MUSIC. Here’s one of them, featuring my group Mosaic.


9 Responses to I moved to Montreal during the October Crisis

  1. cyn says:

    Great sound! I can envision the drive – long unwinding roads – hot sun. – Cindy
    Thanks. Desert Drive is one of my favorite grooves. Bill

  2. Jude says:

    Wonderful sound, it made think of wheat swaying in the fields on a hot summer day. Took me a while to find you, but glad I did. Jude Walker

    Nice to hear from you, Jude. Glad you liked the music.


  3. Brittney says:

    The saxophone really sets the mood, what a terrific song. I really loved your use of the vibraphone. How does one find your music out here in Alberta? Brittney.

    Hi Brittney: I am in the process of setting up the mosaicland so my music can be heard, described, bought, etc. Eventually, next few months, I will have that in operation. I will be doing a launch of mosaicland in the summer – including online music lessons (guitar). Bill

  4. yudith says:

    hei bill,
    i accidently found your site. how r you..? it’s been years. do you still remember me..? we met in jogja during gamelan festival.
    glad to hear about your novel. i would love to read it…cheers

  5. Mark Alcorn says:

    I love 6/8.
    Very “modal”.
    Nice subtle swing feel.
    Great piece Bill!

  6. billpa says:

    Thanks Mark. I am working on a French film at the moment and just wrote a tune for it that is similar but a little more straight ahead. Have you been writing?

  7. Matt says:

    Hey Bill!

    It’s been a while! Remember me? been trying to track you down, found your blog, and thought I might as well give it a shot. I moved out to Montreal 4 years ago, but I’m coming back to Toronto for a visit over the next 3 weeks. If you’ve got time I would love to grab a coffee and catch up! I check my email regularly; its, if you’re having trouble putting a face to the name we use to meet every wednesday at the academy near spadina, then the conservatory for a bit, and then your house until I was about 16. Man, how time flies. That was a full 5 years ago. Guitar lessons that usually disolved into conversations about life feel like yesterday. Anyways, if you get the chance, fire me an email! Would love to hear from you!

    Take care Bill,

  8. phillip rehfeldt says:

    I’m trying to find, for the collection of his music at the University of Redlands, the manuscript, Couriers of the Crimson Dawn, by Barney Childs(1977–for any instruments). He noted in the book of compsitions that he kept “for Bill Parson’s book.” Looking through your materials, I’m thinking that you very-well could be that “Bill Parson.” If so, I’d appreciate your getting back to me.

    Phillip Rehfeldt

  9. Bill Parsons says:

    Hi Phillip:

    It does sound like me but it isn’t. There are two other musicians I know with the name Bill Parsons, one is a singer/songwriter and the other a piano player from Texas, I think.

    Good luck.

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