Additive Process in Philip Glass

Generating Musical Material

In this version you see the structure of additive process in double time.


Now at a playable tempo


One of my favorite pieces for solo piano, sounds pretty good on guitar.

Original Version

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Philip Glass, mallet string quartet 5


Four strings and restaurant, movements 1-3

Strings movement 4

Movement 5

Now with wood and yarn.


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Essence of Melancholy

Wiens Komarek

Long time collaborators Rainer Wiens (music) and Jan Komarek (video) created an audio-visual poem called Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors.

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Who You Are

History repeats

“One should look at where we came from, that’s how you understand who you are,” Hugh McPhail, son of aerial photographer, “Howdy” McPhail.

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New Perspective

A Great Idea

Bullying has become a major concern for many young people who have become trapped in a seemingly impossible situation to change. This story offers a shift in perspective, and brings a bullied student out of the darkness of obscurity and into the limelight of popularity with intelligence and courage.



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Bike Advancements

New technology that takes biking into the digital age.

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Evergreen Club’s Musical Mind

Artistic Director, Blair Mackay

describes our approach to making music with Sundanese gamelan.

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Esprit Orchestra with Evergreen Club

Sunday 17 November 2013

LOCATION: Koerner Hall, Toronto

8:00 pm Concert | 7:15 Pre-concert talk

Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan expands and develops gamelan repertoire by interspersing traditional Indonesian techniques with contemporary Western ones. In the works by Chan, Ristic and Harrison, their bronze and wooden Indonesian instruments blend with Western ones in an intermingling of global cultural sensibilities. Harrison’s piece for solo viola and gamelan, produces an atmosphere of simple, sensuous charm.
Pauk’s Echo Spirit Isle, originally composed for gamelan, takes on new form as a piece for large orchestra. Vivier’s Pulau Dewata lends itself to varied instrumentations with Good’s arrangement of the piece perhaps being the first for full orchestra. Evangelista, an expert in the music of Indonesia and other Asian cultures, combines his compositional expertise with this special knowledge in O Gamelan, the concert’s touchstone.

Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan
Douglas Perry — Viola


JOSÉ EVANGELISTA — O Gamelan — Esprit Commission — World Premiere
CHAN KA NIN — Éveil aux oiseaux for gamelan and ensemble
ANDRÉ RISTIC — Projet for gamelan and ensemble
LOU HARRISON — Threnody for Carloz Chavez for viola and gamelan
ALEX PAUK — Echo Spirit Isle for orchestra
CLAUDE VIVIER — Pulau Dewata (arr. Scott Good)

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The Future of Evergreen Club

Transition Blog

As Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan enters its 30th anniversary the ensemble has decided to look ahead, beyond the immediate horizon of the 2013-14 season. Restructuring, reinventing, rethinking… to enable the group to continue to grow and prosper utilizing their diverse repertoire.

Building a better website, uploading audio, video, and text about the group is in the works. Until that time I will post some of what is in the works here.

 Big Travel Nut

Rick and Andrew created gamelan workshops at Array Space. A successful meetup for non-professionals with a taste for exotic music – that you can learn to play in a single sitting.

Esprit Orchestra features Evergreen Club

17 November 2013, Koerner Hall there will be an exciting concert. The Esprit Orchestra and Evergreen Club perform a great repertoire featuring great Canadian, American, and Indonesian composers. Read more.

Interesting Links

Lou Harrison opera

A Tribe Called Red – their facebook page


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Youtube Keyboard Shortcuts

Lessen Repetitive Strain

If you want to reduce repetitive strain from your computer life use key commands. This applies not only to the programs you use most (for me, Pro Tools, Sibelius, Word, QuickTime…) but also for watching youtube videos.

Here’s a short video showing you the basics.

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